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Group Name: The Fantasticrats

Project Name: The Ministry of Public Imagination

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*** September 17th, 2017 ***

Today the Federal Government announced the creation of a new Federal Ministry; the Ministry of Public Imagination.

“Imagination is the engine of change and progress,” said the President, in a televised announcement this morning.

“The space of imagination has no boundaries.  In order for us to succeed, we must have a thriving public imagination.  This new Ministry will help us uncover new ideas, create new models, and forge new goals, together.  I am therefore proud to announce the creation of the Ministry of Public Imagination as part of my administration’s drive towards excellence.”

“Our Ministry’s goals are to stimulate and facilitate public imagination about the future”, said the new Minister in a written press release.

“We will do this in four ways;

  • First, through the education of communities through our ‘imagination curriculum’, a platform designed to help encourage people’s imaginations and build our ability to express creative visions of tomorrow’s world.
  • Second, through the creation of physical and virtual “play spaces”, where people can exercise these skills, together, in order to generate new visions and ideas about a range of topics.
  • Third, through the creation of a Testing Lab, where ideas and proposals generated in play spaces can be prototyped and made real.
  • Fourth, through an Action Unit, who will issue grants, deliver technical assistance, craft policies, and perform a variety of other functions.”

The Ministry’s motto will be “Imaginatio Maxime”; Imagination Above All, and will report directly to the President.



MPI org chart





Today the President announced the creation of a new Ministry.

In addition to the formal statements made by the President and the Minister this morning, we have just secured a leaked copy of the Ministry’s budget and full organisational chart.

We have learned that this budget includes controversial “direct action unit”, which was redacted from the public release.  This unit’s purpose and budget is still unknown.

More news to follow as new information becomes available.  Stay tuned to this feed.



 Group Members:

  • Fumi Yamazaki
  • Maryann Hrichak
  • Andrew Trabulsi
  • Heather Ford
  • Gabriella Gomez-Mont
  • Ashoka Finley
  • Andrea Schneider
  • Stephen Duncombe
  • Duncan Steel
  • Noah Raford
  • Danny Spitzberg