Myanmar/Burma 2020 People’s Regional Congress Poll Results & Report



The Myanmar/Burma People’s Regional Congress recently concluded its first national poll as one of the concluding activities of the annual Myanmar Futures Exchange. Asking citizens what three adjectives describe the future of governance in Myanmar/Burma, the landmark poll ushers in a new era of public outreach and collaboration. The results (below) show that transparency, accountability, and responsible were the clear winners.



Working groups were established to outline values, behaviors, and structures for the new governance design, which will be developed by regional nodes over the next 2 years to account for regional differences. Allowing citizens, immigrants, foreign agencies, representative from neighboring countries, NGO’s, as well as existing government officials to participate in the process, Myanmar/Burma has become a forerunner in open governance design. A short video of the working group session can be viewed here.

Results from the Yangon Design node’s first session can be viewed below: